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If you are ready to make a BIG SPLASH with your business, music, or need help with the social media markets to get yourself out in front of your specific market, then you have come to the right place.  Sound Chamber Studio's and Entertainment offer you different packages to help you in these fields.  Looking to market your bands' new record?  We will show you how!  Looking to revamp your old, outdated, hard to navigate website? We can help you with that too! Need someone to take the load off of the updating, time-consuming maintenance of your website?  Look no further, we do it ALL for you!

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*Any outside work (custom logo creation etc.) will be an additional charge.

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Example site of what we design.  Click on the photo and check it out.  

East Tennessee Championship Wrestling
Jason Cooper Gospel
FoxDen Beard Company
The Kingdom Heirs
Sound Chamber Studios and Entertainment










Our Web Services

Web Design Package
  • Web Design Package
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This package includes the template based web design of the templates provided, all data import, photo gallery set up, email list set up and import, store set up, calendar set up, music player streaming, media set up and blog set up. Also you will have a mobile site free of charge so you can engage your fan base on your mobile device. Does not include monthly update service, email service or web hosting. Those are at an additional cost per month.

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Website Monthly Maintenance
  • Website Monthly Maintenance
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The website maintenance allows you to free up your time and allow us to do the behind the scenes work for you. That cost breaks down to around $45.00 per week depending on how many weeks are in the month. A great price for maintenance and updates as needed.

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Social Media Consultation
  • Social Media Consultation
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This will give you the marketing boost you need from the start by having a one on one consultation with our company to get you heading in the right direction. We will show you what to do and what NOT to do and get the most out of the Social Media sites that can be used as tools to direct traffic to your website. Marketing plans are also available for an extra cost. Mention the Marketing strategy in your consult and we will cut the price for the SCSE Marketing Strategy Consultation in half when you purchase! Saving $50.00

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Marketing Strategy Consultation
  • Marketing Strategy Consultation
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This consultation is where we sit down and go over the ins and outs of a marketing plan. See where you are on the marketing platform and see what areas you need to improve upon or what areas you are excelling at. It's an introductory version of the SCSE Mentorship program that we offer.

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SCSE Mentorship
  • SCSE Mentorship
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This is where we sit down with you and make a social media and marketing plan specifically tailored for you using proven methods that have helped recording artists and businesses alike significantly in boosting merch sales, building a following and timely album releases. We walk you through step by step showing you what to do and we are with you every step of the way! This is something you don't want to miss out on!

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