The Sing Smarter... Sing Longer Vocal Course Is Ready To Launch!

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We here at Sound Chamber Studios and Entertainment are very excited to announce the launching of our flagship vocal course!  This has been 2 years in the making as Jerry has been working diligently behind the scenes putting everything together.  From picking the right platform to host the SCSE Vocal Academy which houses all of the courses Jerry is currently creating, to building the exclusive membership site, implementing and testing many other tools that run in the background of the SCSE Vocal Academy to make things run smoothly.

The SCSE Vocal Academy was born out of Jerrys passion to help other aspiring singers who need help and guidance in getting the voice they desire and deserve.  Jerry states;  "One day I asked a simple question on my personal Facebook page about singing and if anyone had issues they were facing.  I was flooded with many singers who were facing issues that didn't know how to deal with them or fix them."  "So I thought to myself, what would be the best way to help all of these singers who wanted help?"  That's when it all started for Jerry and his passion for helping others started to really shine through.  The SCSE Vocal Group has grown rapidly and continues to grow.  Jerry began teaching and coaching everyone within the group on Facebook Live sessions, taught on all different vocal issue topics, and what to do to help resolve them.  During this time he was still working on building a safe place where his students would be able to go and learn without any distractions.  With many countless hours put into building the Academy, the flagship vocal course, financial investment in the right research and development, and the numerous free live coaching events that have been done for his students, it is now time to finally launch the vocal course that everyone is talking about and have been waiting for! 

August 31, 2019, that's on a Saturday, the Sing Smarter... Sing Longer Vocal Course will be officially launched! 
To say we are thrilled for it to finally happen is an understatement!  This course is going to help any singer get the results they need to take their voice to that optimum level and have longevity in their voice and careers.  The methods taught in the course will really open up a singers mindset in ways they have never known.  The way Jerry teaches his students is amazing!  He explains things in a way that is easy to understand and gives the students so much encouragement.  The students he has taught in the past have said they "walk away with greater confidence in their voice and abilities and not only do they see a huge difference in their voices but others who hear them do as well."  

The benefits that you will see when you take this vocal course, apply the methods that are taught, and put in the work daily, you will see such a vast difference in what voice you have now and the voice you have built for yourself in the right way!  You will have better mental focus and clarity, and vocal strain will be a thing of the past.  You will be able to breathe deeper and harness your vocal power for a much more dynamic voice.  You will gain a smoother vocal tone within your voice, vocal breaks will be dissolved, and your voice will not get fatigued!  Your range will broaden and expand!  You will gain better pitch control and learn how to blend your transitions to having a smooth and well-rounded voice that will be able to sing any song, on any stage, and in front of any audience.  
There are many other benefits that we could tell about but that's all in the Sing Smarter... Sing Longer Vocal Course.  

Here are just a few testimonials from Jerry's students that have worked through his training and coaching in the course.


Jerry is the BEST in my book! 

If you are looking for professional vocal training, this is the place to go! Jerry's Sing Smarter... Sing Longer Vocal Course was an incredible experience for me. His kindness made me feel welcome and at ease, while his professionalism and love for music and the gospel made for an invaluable vocal experience. Jerry is the best in my book, and I look forward to working with him again soon! 

Wesley Davis - Student

From the first session until the last I continued to not only improve in vocal strength but in diction and enunciation, and on confidence... 

“I am a 64-year-old tenor singer. As we age we become aware of changes in vocal strength and pitch issues. I was introduced to Sound Chamber Studios Vocal Training through an associate gospel singer that was taking vocal instruction from Jerry. I was skeptical at first seeing I had been singing all my life but I was having vocal issues and needed help maintaining vocal strength and stamina and from the first session until the last I continued to not only to improve in vocal strength but in diction and enunciation, in confidence, stage presence and advice on the health and care of my voice and tips on things to do before and after singing. This was achieved by closely following vocal and relaxation exercises that I was totally unaware of even though I have done scale and pitch exercise for years. Jerry is someone that has the experience, a wealth of knowledge, and is personally familiar with singing issues. So if you are an aspiring singer or a seasoned professional and would like to improve and advance your singing abilities, I highly recommend Jerry and the Sing Smarter... Sing Longer Vocal Course! 

Jacky Feazell - Student

When others started recognizing it, I was like WOW, the hard work is paying off! 

Jerry Martin and the Sing Smarter... Sing Longer Vocal Course is an excellent choice if you are looking for professional vocal coaching! Just in a matter of months, I've felt and heard a change in my vocals for the better. Not only that, others around me have heard the change too and they have asked what am I doing different, and of course I tell them I've been getting lessons from Jerry and his SSSL Vocal Course. When others started recognizing it I was just like wow, the hard work is paying off. I can't thank Jerry enough for the help they have given and continues to give me! He is truly a great coach! So if you're looking for someone who's going to work with you to improve your overall sound with techniques regarding breathing, pronunciations, power and more, then look no further! 

Casey Johnson - Student

Jerry inspires me to be the best I can be! 

I am so glad I found Jerry and his vocal training! Jerry inspires me to be the best I can be! I have rekindled my love for music and through his teachings and methods, my voice is able to do things I never thought were possible. This is a must for anyone and at any age to learn from the best! 

Jordan Peralta - Student


This vocal course with Jerry has left me with a lifetime's worth of tested skills, solid techniques, and genuine support.

I can't say enough. The Sing Smarter Sing Longer Vocal Course exceeded my expectations!  The experience is professional, yet warm and inviting which is very important.  He has ways to get the most from you before you realize what you just achieved. This vocal course with Jerry has left me with a lifetime's worth of tested skills, solid techniques, and genuine support.  I have learned so much about my voice and the change is remarkable. It truly is difficult to find a mentor willing to share all their knowledge and experience with you and especially in ways so you don't feel incompetent. No matter what your level of skill is Jerry talks with you, not at you. He has that gift!  If singing is an interest of yours, then you need not go any further, you found that diamond in the rough. Thanks, Jerry. I'm a student for life!” 

Rex Perrard - Student

These and countless other students feel the same way!  It truly is a special place that Jerry has created for his students to learn and have fun doing it!  So what are you waiting for?  Do something incredible for yourself!  Give yourself the voice you have always wanted and as Jerry says "YOU DESERVE!"

The launch of the Sing Smarter... Sing Longer Vocal Course is happening.  It's up to you now to take that step that you have always been wanting to do.  Don't let this opportunity slip away.  You owe it to yourself to have the best voice you can possibly have and build it in the right way so you can enjoy singing for many years to come.  This course truly is the "Guide To A Singers Longevity."  

But before the launch happens,  Jerry has a gift for you below just to get you started in the right direction and best of all it is totally FREE! 
We hope to see you at our launch party!  You can go RSVP and let us know you will be attending here:  Launch Party

If you want to be apart of the greatest Singing Community on the planet, you can request to join here:  SCSE Vocal Group

Join our SCSE Vocal Academy to get access to all of the courses offered and the Exclusive SSSL Membership Site:  SCSE Vocal Academy

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read and we hope to see you soon!

The SCSE Vocal Academy Team


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