SCSE Vocal Workshop A Success!

Yesterday, July 20th, marked the launch of the SCSE Vocal Workshop!  It was a success!  We started at 11:00am and ended at 6:00pm.  During this time we covered all of the fundementals that creates a solid foundation for your vocals that gives you the knowledge and confidence needed to take the stage by storm!  We had so much fun and we enjoyed teaching as well as coaching.  What do I mean by that?  Well, we start off teaching the fundementals.  From my favorite vocal exercises that I personally use daily to proper breathing techniques and good ole fashioned stretching.  Stretching?  Yes stretching.  You will learn how the Mind, the Body and the Voice all work together fluently and why it is so important that you have these three key things working at optimal levels.  

Once we got through the teaching sessions, we started the coaching which is when we dive even deeper into a specific vocal problem area that a student may have or might not grasp yet.  It's the coaching we do, that personalized "hands on" type learning that our students really enjoy.  We take the time to go that extra mile for each of our students no matter what level they are at.  That's important to us not only as a business but it's who we are and what Sound Chamber Studios and Entertainment is all about.  Always MORE for your money so to speak.  

I'm gonna brag on one of our students for a bit.  His name is Wesley Davis, and he is from McCarley, Mississippi.  He's 23 years old and has the heart for singing.  He traveled fom his hometown to be apart of our SCSE Vocal Workshop.  That's over 7 hours driving time!  Talk about the three D's... Determination, Drive and Dedication.  That's one of our core principals we live by as well as apply to our business practices. 

Wesley showed so much potential and love for music during the workshop.  He learned alot and we watched him apply what he learned and it made a huge difference in his vocal abilities.  No matter what we went over, Wesley was eager to learn and he worked hard.  We are so proud of Wesley in what he has accomplished so far and what he will continue to accomplish in the future.  It was a pleasure getting to know this young man more through the SCSE Vocal Workshop.  

Closing out this blog post I just want to say that when you see how something you say, do or offer helps someone better themselves or makes a positive impact on their lives, it makes what we do so much more meaningful and special to us.  This is why Sound Chamber Studios and Entertainment was created and this is why it will always be here to help those reach their goals and their dreams!  

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Until next time...

Jerry and Tabitha

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