Lora Davis Takes The Sound Chamber By Storm!

Early one morning I was checking emails like I usually do after my morning coffee and I came across an email from a lady from the eastern shores of Lake Michigan.  As I read through the email inquiry for recording in our studio, I saw where she had written a few songs and wanted to see about recording some of them as well as some covers she enjoyed singing.  So I replied to Lora and immediately felt that she had a story to tell.  We booked the session and she made the trip from way up north to east Tennessee.  
The day came when I had the privilege to meet her and hear a little of her story.  So we talked as she said she was a little nervous and hasn't been in a studio in over 15 years or more.  As always, I like for our clients to feel at ease and at home no matter what service we are providing for them.  Soon, Lora felt right at home and we began recording.  What happened next was a treat to my ears!  Lora started singing the first song and immediately I thought to myself, I have heard a voice like that before but not in a very long time.  My wife, Tabitha has introduced me to some great music over the years and that is how I actually came across this powerful voice that quickly became one of my favorites.  I'm speaking of the voice of Alison Moyet of the 80's band Yaz and her solo career.  Phenomenal voice and if you've never heard of her, you owe it to yourself to look her up!

Getting back to Lora... This was the same type of voice that I heard many years ago.  Powerful and had such a pleasing tone that you found yourself wanting to keep recording her.  This is what Lora brings to the music world.  That quality that you don't normally find in today's Recording Artists. 

It was a pleasure getting to record the covers Lora picked out and get a glimpse of more of her story through her original songs.  We cut 6 great songs that I know you are gonna love listening to.  In fact, we got permission to add a couple of her songs to our playlist on the website.  The two that are featured are In You and Here Again.  I got the privilege to sing some BGV's on these tunes and I think they turned out awesome!  

It was a joy to be able to work with Lora and make a dream of hers a reality.  We simply can't wait for Lora's return to Sound Chamber Studios and Entertainment and see what new material she will record next time.  Lora has a great spirit and heart for music and ministry. 
Welcome to the SCSE Family Lora!

Tabitha and I want to thank Lora for taking a chance on us and the quality and service we provide.  We love helping others make their dreams come true!  

And on that note...

Jerry and Tabitha

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