News From The Chamber

New Music In The Works For The SCSE Artists! 

Hey Everybody!

We have been working on a few new projects inside the Sound Chamber this month and it has been a blast!  Some are featured in the sitewide player at the bottom of the website.  The cool thing with our player is you can continue surfing the net and continue to listen to our music.  Cool huh? So take a listen to the tunes and let us know what ya think!  Here is Black Eyes, from the A Star Is Born soundtrack that we currently produced.  More to come!  Enjoy!

Lora Davis Takes The Sound Chamber By Storm! 

Early one morning I was checking emails like I usually do after my morning coffee and I came across an email from a lady from the eastern shores of Lake Michigan.  As I read through the email inquiry for recording in our studio, I saw where she had written a few songs and wanted to see about recording some of them as well as some covers she enjoyed singing.  So I replied to Lora and immediately felt that she had a story to tell.  We booked the session and she made the trip from way up north to east…

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SCSE Workshop Success! 

This Fall we scheduled a one on one SCSE Vocal Workshop with a new client, Rex Perrard and to say the workshop was a huge success would be an understatement!  Here's what Rex had to say about the SCSE Vocal Workshop. 

“Well, Jerry, I can't say enough. My vocal workshop exceeded expectations. From the sign up with Tabitha thru the follow-up correspondence, the experience was professional, yet warm and inviting which is very important. Jerry has ways to get the most from you before you realize what you just

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My Vocal Journey 

Hey Guys!
Some of you know me and the journey that I have been on in this crazy music industry that I've been a part of for over 26 years.  Some only know the highlights and most do not know much at all.  You see, for most of my career and life, I've been this quite, hard working guy that is very comfortable living in the background just doing his job to the best of his abilities and never caring about the "Lime Light" or having all the awards and accolades my peers have had throughout their careers.  I'm…

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Laryngitis! What It Is And How To Battle It! 

Hey Everyone!  This is something I've been meaning to write about and seems like now is the time.
To all of my singing friends out there and those of you who use your voice for your profession, Laryngitis, our age-old nemesis can show it's ugly head at the most inopportune times.  For most vocalists, it can take away our voice completely and for some it gives a rough, dry lower ranged sound.  Trust me, it's not fun being on stage without a voice.  Standing there like a "stage ornament"  is no fun at all!  So…

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New Jason Cooper Gospel Website Relaunch! 

Hey Everyone! 
Just a quick note on what the SCSE has be working on lately.  One of our clients, Jason Cooper has really been active lately in his solo ministry and has taken advantage of what we here at Sound Chamber Studios and Entertainment have to offer Artists.  Jason is putting a lot of time and effort into his career by using our SCSE Artist Mentorship Program to help further his career by using our proven methods.  He also is an avid student of our SCSE Vocal Courses and to top it all off, we have…

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SCSE Mentorship Program 

Hey Everybody!  We hope you are having an awesome day today!  Here at SCSE we have been incredibly busy!  From our popular SCSE Vocal Lessons, to Website building, to DJ/KJing events, as well as the recording side of Sound Chamber Studios and Entertainment.  We are so excited to be launching the SCSE Mentorship program!  What is the SCSE Mentorship program you ask?  It is a program specifically designed to teach you step by step on how to build your buisness as an Artist!  You will learn how and what to do…

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SCSE Vocal Workshop A Success! 

Yesterday, July 20th, marked the launch of the SCSE Vocal Workshop!  It was a success!  We started at 11:00am and ended at 6:00pm.  During this time we covered all of the fundementals that creates a solid foundation for your vocals that gives you the knowledge and confidence needed to take the stage by storm!  We had so much fun and we enjoyed teaching as well as coaching.  What do I mean by that?  Well, we start off teaching the fundementals.  From my favorite vocal exercises that I personally use daily to…

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SCSE Workshop! 

Hey Everyone!
What's happening within the "Chamber Walls" of SCSE?  It's the SCSE Vocal Workshop!  Today we are hosting a workshop concentrating on Vocals, Diction, Artistry, Proper Note Support, Correct Placement, the right Mindset and Focus and much more!  Yeah it's a lot of indepth vocal work that will give you the foundation to take your vocals to the next level. 

From start to finish you will leave with the knowledge and tools you need to perform with confindence and a rock solid foundation that will…

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SCSE Vocal Lessons 

Are you an aspiring vocalist who is looking to better your performance and add years to your career?  Have a song that you need help with in reaching a specific note or finding the right placement?  Maybe you are just starting out and want to learn the basics or you are an accomplished vocalist that just needs a "tune up". Look no further!  SCSE is here to help.  

Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience, we can help you!  With over 25 years experience in the music industry and helping…

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