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Are you ready to record your music?  Ready to share it with the world?  Our general standard pricing is listed below.  Fill out the form below and we will send you a quote!  We would love nothing more than to help you achieve your goals!  Contact us TODAY!

Studio Pricing

Recording Pricing List (Includes use of the studio, basic studio equipment, recording time, mixing, mastering and engineer.  

Studio Hourly Rate - $25.00 (3 hr min.)
Engineer Hourly Rate - $50.00

Recording Day Rate: $500.00 (Includes engineer and 8 hrs studio time)
*Anything over the Day Rate is $100.00 per hr.

Mixing Pricing List

  • Pre-Recorded Music Tracks (with vocal) - $50.00 per song.
  • Multi-track mix down - $150.00 per song.
  • Acoustic (1 track) - (with vocal) $75.00 per song.
  • Mix 3 song Demo Package - $350.00 (Includes tuning, phrasing and final mix.) 
  • Mixing full 10 song Pre-Recorded Track album - $1,100.00 (Includes studio time, plus engineer, includes tuning, phrasing and final mix.)
  • Mixing full 10 song Custom Track album - $3,500.00 (Includes studio time, plus engineer, includes tuning, phrasing and final mix.)

Mastering Price List

  • 1 song - $20.00
  • 3 song - $50.00
  • Full 10 song album - $350.00

Leased Pre-Recorded Tracks (Rate depends on where we lease them from)

Custom Tracks are an additional fee. (Rate depends on where we cut them)

Background Vocals:  

  • $50.00 per song (light work)

Voice Over Recording

  • Studio Hourly Rate: $25.00
  • Engineer Hourly Rate: $50.00
  • Debreathing Hourly Rate: $30.00
  • Mastering Hourly Rate: $30.00
  • Music Editing Hourly Rate: $30.00
  • Custom Work: Quote

Audio Editing

  • Editing for Podcasts (Submit Quote Form)
  • Editing Audio Clips (Submit Quote Form)

We know everyone has a different budget and has a variety of recording needs.  We will work with you the best we can.  If there are any questions you need to ask or a custom package not listed, use our Quote Form here and we will get back with you soon.  

After you submit the Mixing and Mastering Services Project Form, we will send you a project confirmation email with a price quote based on the information you provided. The project confirmation email will also have simple instructions for getting your files to us. 
We are looking forward to working with you!