The SCSE Vocal Academy

Sound Chamber Studios and Entertainment presents the SCSE Vocal Academy!

The SCSE Vocal Academy is an Online Vocal School that houses the Sing Smarter Sing Longer Vocal Course (Our Flagship course) as well as the SSSL Exclusive Members Only Site. This is the place to go for the beginner all the way up to the seasoned veteran recording artist.  Our school teaches you the rock-solid foundation that every singer needs to keep their voice powerful and keep you singing for many years to come.  We teach how the MIND, BODY, and VOICE work together giving you the vocal freedom that every singer longs for and deserves.

You learn the proper mindset that is needed to conquer any fears, stress, and any vocal issues that may arise.  You will learn how the body is such a key component to a singers voice and how important it is to get your body to respond in such a way that you will become stress and tension free quickly.

You will learn how the voice responds to having a stress free mind and body that will give your voice the freedom it needs to be able to sing any song, on any stage, and in front of any type of audience effortlessly and with a new found confidence.  Our methods are proven over many years of experience.  Our experts give you the right direction and the coaching that is specifically tailored for vocal issues.  You will learn to crush and conquer all of your vocal issues and hone your voice to its optimum level!    

You will get the help that you not only need but truly deserve through the SCSE Vocal Academy!  

Click the link below to sign up for the SCSE Vocal Academy!  Let us help you make your dreams a reality!

SCSE Vocal Academy